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Press Release Submissions


Press Release Submission Service

One of the most preferred industrial standards among clients in distribution of new information about their products is the press release. It allows a business to provide the correct objectives to its core fans keep a log of all updates and gain better visibility and exposure online. A good press release also creates hype and awareness about the product through word of mouth. Any good company should have effective press releases to make sure that the services can entice new customers. We deliver high quality press release submission that attracts inbound traffic, strengthens brand name and create a buzz about your products and services.

Importance Of Press Release Submission To A Business

  • It serves as a great tool for online building and promotion of a business.
  • Good press release submission boosts your search engine rankings.
  • The press release is circulated all over, generating a large volume of inbound traffic for your site on a daily basis.
  • It is an inexpensive and cost effective resource to get better indexing by search engines and build up discussions across online forums.
  • It strengthens your brand value as customers see press release submission in various places on the internet.
  • Helps provide link exchange and results in a significant boost in sales.

You Should Sign Up With Us Because

Rustagi Technologies Pvt Ltd. uses specific press release submission techniques to allow a website to increase in popularity. The press release is sent to various online channels so that forums can look it up and build discussions on it, increasing the hype and traffic. The press release is submitted to the top ranking press release directories so you can be sure of getting high profile and effective results regarding your exposure online.

Some of our submission directories include PR.COM and Click Press so there is an enhancement in visibility of your site in front of a growing group of potential customers. Press releases also make customers secure and confident about a company profile resulting in more sales. Search engine optimization techniques are used so your press release is visible using top keyword searches. Our press release submission services provide you with an efficient yet cost effective solution to online marketing, a factor that could make all the difference in your business.