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Email Marketing


E-Mail Marketing Services For Corporate Houses

The concept of email marketing is an evolving and successful one where a brand is promoted directly to the customer’s personal domain through direct advertising. The advertising is done by electronic mails which carry specific offers, updates and new services to the customer. This allows a constant stream of interaction between the company and its user base and to attract new customers to build up new relationships. We take care of email marketing based promotions by maintaining a data base of target customers, sending effective and influencing emails and building specific campaign strategies for your services.

E-Mail Marketing Is A Concept Which Involves

  • Sending of emails to new customers enticing them to use a product or a service.
  • Sending emails to existing customers notifying them about offers, promotions and upgrades to a product.
  • Good email marketing also adds advertisements from other sites in the package sent to the customers of a company.
  • It allows the building of a strong and interactive business relation by a company so it can retain its customer base and add new potential customers to it.

E-Mail Marketing Can Add Value To Your Business Because

  • It is an expensive and cost effective method as compared to the traditional marketing techniques employed by companies.
  • The art of email marketing can be very successful for a emerging company looking to enhance visibility in the online circuit.
  • It is a direct customer interaction method having greater influence over a group of users.

We Offer The Best E-Mail Marketing Services Because

Rustagi Technologies Pvt Ltd gives you the opportunity of increasing the search engine rankings and visibility of your site to a great extent. Our effective email marketing campaigns are aimed at core user groups who could become the most valuable customers to your business. Our advertising campaigns are client specific so each one is original and innovative based on your preferences. You can reach out to a thriving online community as we provide dedicated packages concerned with the generation, maintenance and analysis of email based campaigns.

Our services are optimized to give a fully functional market response without huge investments. We have a large data base so your messages and offers are sent out to lots of people on a daily basis. This usually results in a large volume of incoming traffic on your site. We filter only the prospective buyers and entice them to your services. Our email marketing services are efficient and affordable, giving you the right boost in sales. When you sign with us, you get a chance to transforming your business from emerging markets to a dynamic community.