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Frequently Asked Questions


If you have some query, it’s possible you can find the solution here. We are one of the leading web solution companies in the world offering complete web solution to our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much experience does the developer have?

Our developers are highly experienced with more than 3 yrs. of work experience in several latest technologies. We always present the quality work in the time given.

How long will the job take? when can we go live with the website?

The time to completion is always relative to a time after all content has been received, but the web developer should do everything they can to complete on time given that condition. "it will take a week from the time we have everything", it will be a week or less. We can usually create the framework for the content and have it ready to plug in in a day when it is ready.

Do you have some sample work to show?

Our portfolio can be viewed here and if you're looking anything in specific, please contact us.

How much will my website cost?

The answer here is completely dependent on the amount and type of content you need. I have done web sites for as little as $200, and as much as $5000 dollars. It is necessary for any developer to determine your needs to give an exact price, but the point here is to take the time to let the developer work out a document, laying out everything that you will have on your site and giving you a bid. You may need 3 pages on your site, or 300. You may require the ability to update the content yourself, or for the site to contain forms that add data to a database. You may desire Flash animation, a shopping cart, streaming video or other "special content". All of these things effect the price, and you should be highly suspect of any developer that just throws out a price without going over the options with you, so you can make an informed choice. There should be no charge to discuss your needs and provide you with a design document that tells you exactly what will be done, for how much and when. On one bid I recently gave, the person had received bids from $800 to over $3000 dollars for the same work. The person bidding over $3000 did not even ask him what he wanted on the website. BE SURE to talk to more than one developer when choosing, unless they were highly recommended by someone that has used them.

Do you provide search engine marketing services?

Yes, we provide search engine marketing facilities to our clients on very competitive rates you can send us enquiry for it via email to sales@rustagitechologies.com

Do you host sites as well?

Yes, we host sites as well for our clients, our hosting packages are very competitive in industry .

What kind of technology do you support?

Rustagi Technologies is experienced in the following programming languages and applications: HTML, Javascript, DHTML, AJAX, XML, PHP, Action Scripting,MySql, Flash, ASP and others.

Can you provide bilingual Web site design?

Yes Genuine Softwares can develop sites in alternate languages all you need to do is to provide translated content in your language and we will develop a site in your language.

Where can I submit my Request for Proposal?

You can directly send your request via email to sales@rustagitechologies.com or you can simply fill request a quote form and our representative will follow you with response.

Does location matter?

No location matter when you work with us as we always available for our clients as per their time zones.

How long does it take to build a Web site?

A good web site takes time to build. Rustagi Technologies focuses on custom solutions for your needs and our turnaround time is less in comparison to others. We also require a fast response from your side so that we can work on your response. To build a website properly and thoroughly you can expect a time of 1-2 weeks it may be longer as per your needs